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                                    Welcome to the Brand New HorizonPVP Website Where you can find anything from here that you want to know The Ip to the server is: If you want to Help the website so it's way better for you to see Theres a thing called Team Pay anyone from the server can click that button to pay for the website and upgrade it it's vary cheap it wont give us the money it will just upgrade the website auto madic Theres a event time that will be upgraded every day so you know when a Drop Party is going to happend this website is still in work so it wont be the best if you have a youtube account and you record videos of the server your youtube link will be in the Welcome message AKA this is the welcome message it will be in here so start making videos if you stream videos of TWITCH you account page will be Linked Here! the most popliar youtube video will be on the main page of the website and the most popular  twitch account will be wait here on the home page Even if you have a website that advertises this server your website link will be here in the Welcome message Soon there will be forms where you can apply here on the website were working on it the buycraft will be linked vary soon so you can go to our Buycraft website from HERE!  Event will be shown here on the Home page and Do get a respawned from staff of your staff app it will take 2Hours - 1 week So please be pachant about it dont tell no staff about your app we will read it Thanks for reading and i hope you guys like the server                           
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